• Audits to the financial statements
  • Limited Reviews
  • Comptrollerships
  • Accounting advice
  • Internal audit
  • IFRS or IFRS qualify
  • IFRS or IFRS diagnosis
  • IFRS or IFRS Implementation
  • Confidence and quality at work


B & C is committed to the quality and integrity of its audits. In each service we perform, we use our methodology and best practices to ensure that the purpose of our audit is met. The independence, experience and integrity of our partners and professionals ensure quality work. Our partners are involved from the beginning to the end of the commitment with you.

The most important features of our firm's audit approach are:


Methodology Methodology - Our audit approach, based on the analysis of business processes and risks, allows us not only to focus our attention on the processes related to the financial statements, but also to consider the factors and risks that affect the business and their potential effects on the business. Financial statements.

Quality Quality - B & C always strives to offer high quality professional services in an independent, ethical and objective manner. To do this, we establish a work program that our auditors must comply with which is applicable to all our clients. We understand that our reputation depends in large part on the quality of the service we provide.


The transparency and credibility of the financial information, as well as the security of the information systems, are vital components for the success of your business, this is how B & C focuses on your business. We identify your manual and / or computerized controls to contribute to the formation of a reliable control environment.

  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Audits
  • Labor Audits
  • Review and determination of tax losses
  • Review and determination of Taxable Income Taxes
  • Review and determination of Value Added Tax
  • Review and determination of Additional Taxes
  • Private role
  • Recruitment
  • Other tax advisory



Most companies complain that they fail to take advantage of savings opportunities in the payment of taxes due to lack of adequate resources or because their internal teams are too focused on fulfilling their routine obligations.

To help your company develop an efficient tax planning, B & C has technically prepared professionals to identify opportunities and implement strategies at the national and international levels in order to minimize the impact of taxes on the business of your company.

Our advice answers both for daily inquiries on income tax, VAT, complementary global tax and additional tax, other

At the same time, we assist the company in the proper compliance of laws, rules and regulations on taxes.

Taxes on sales or services - We analyze business models and identify alternatives to minimize the impact of indirect taxes on sales. We assist companies in the realization of tax credits and risk management, providing advice in the resolution of disputes, in the search for alternatives with tax agencies, in compliance with principal and accessory obligations, and in the preparation and review of calculations. , tax books and other documents.

Advice on the application and interpretation of the regulations related to the Value Added Tax

Counseling and representation before the various tax authorities

Contribution of ideas and results to improve the structure of the operation of the business from the tax point of view

Prevent and solve problems derived from the inadequate interpretation of the tax provisions that establish indirect taxes.

The experience and talent of our professionals provide the security and confidence required by our clients to take advantage of the benefits established in the tax provisions that govern Direct and Indirect Taxes.

  • Financial analysis
  • Rescheduling of debts
  • Insurance reassessment
  • Corporate Restructuring (Mergers, Acquisitions and Div. Companies)
  • Creation, implementation and redesign of organizations
  • Course cash flow statement
  • Course on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS or IFRS)
  • Course Best accounting practices
  • Course on Law of Corporations
  • Course interpretation and analysis of Chilean accounting principles
  • Labor Training Courses
  • Others
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