Our Services


  • Audits to the financial statements
  • Limited Reviews
  • Comptrollerships
  • Accounting advice
  • Internal audit
  • IFRS or IFRS qualify
  • IFRS or IFRS diagnosis
  • IFRS or IFRS Implementation
  • Confidence and quality at work


  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Audits
  • Labor Audits
  • Review and determination of tax losses
  • Review and determination of Taxable Income Taxes
  • Review and determination of Value Added Tax
  • Review and determination of Additional Taxes
  • Private role
  • Recruitment
  • Other tax advisory
  • Taxes represent a high cost for most companies.

Corporate SERVICES

  • Financial analysis
  • Rescheduling of debts
  • Insurance reassessment
  • Corporate Restructuring (Mergers, Acquisitions and Div. Companies)
  • Creation, implementation and redesign of organizations


  • Course cash flow statement
  • Course on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS or IFRS)
  • Course Best accounting practices
  • Course on Law of Corporations
  • Course, advice on International Standards of IFRS FULL and SMEs
  • Labor Training Courses
  • Others

¿How we work?

Commitment to quality

Independence, integrity and professional competence are combined in a permanent search for quality as a fundamental approach to how B & C faces its professional services, that is how our motto is "Quality, Our Commitment".

Risk management

Through the phases of our development we will help them to focus on the aspects that represent the greatest risk. Our work is focused on providing solutions to our customers and something very important that is part of our work philosophy is `` No Surprises``.


The people we have chosen to form our team reflect the best qualities of our firm, and have sufficient experience to provide quality service.


We are continuously training to give our clients the best service.

Professionals of our firm

Sergio Contreras V.

Sergio Contreras V.

Main associate
Sergio is an auditor accountant at Universidad Católica del Norte, an MBA in Administration and Finance from Universidad de Chile, an MBA in Taxation from Universidad de Chile.



Jaime is an Auditor and Public Accountant of the AIEP Institute with more than 25 years of experience in prestigious International Auditing Firm.


Cristian is an Auditor Accountant at Universidad Arturo Prat with more than 15 years of experience in prestigious International Auditing Firm, Diploma in International Financial Information Standards, Universidad de Chile.


Charles is a Certified Public Accountant and Auditor of the University of Santiago de Chile. He developed his professional career for more than 35 years in a prestigious international audit firm where he became the partner and executive director.
Desarrolló su carrera profesional por más de 35 años en una prestigiosa firma internacional de auditoría donde alcanzó el cargo de socio y director ejecutivo.

We commit

Our Firm has the resources and experience to support our clients very closely in their development process and without a doubt, they will be able to identify in our offer of services, response and support to many of the issues that they are facing, or that they will have to face in the near future.

Know and understand the business

The identification of significant processes helps us to understand even more the potential risks of business and financial statements, allowing us to identify opportunities to add value to the client and identify potential additional risks that may be most relevant to the customer's needs and their implications in the process of financial statements.

Identify and prioritize risks

Once the key business risks have been identified and the implications of the financial statement process determined, we will evaluate the probability that the information subject to audit contains important errors in the audit. This requires that we identify the accounts or groups of significant accounts and assertions, along with this understanding those processes, for this we rely on the high level understanding of the business processes and on our understanding of the critical business processes that we obtained.

Process operation tests

With our experience and knowledge of the client that we obtain, and those that we have accumulated about their accounting activities when determining the level of detail in which we will analyze their significant processes more thoroughly, we perform tests to test the operation of these processes. The purpose is to correlate these with the financial statements, in order to adequately support our risk assessments and design our audit strategy.

Minimize business risks

Finally, we consider the nature, timing and scope of the procedures that are required to adequately respond to such evaluations, in order to conduct an efficient and high quality audit to our clients. It is necessary to emphasize that throughout the entire audit, we are pending to provide value that helps the client to improve its operations or the information that it uses in the administration of the company and / or that which it includes in its financial statements.

Es necesario destacar que a través de toda la auditoría, estamos pendientes de aportar valor que ayuden al cliente a mejorar sus operaciones o la información que utiliza en la administración de la empresa y/o la que incluye en sus estados financieros.

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